NTI Center

Technology development, support of high-tech companies and commercialization of new technologies are indispensable factors for creation of a competitive economy. NTI is a state program aimed at creating fundamentally new markets and conditions for Russia's global technological leadership by 2035.

In an address to the Federal Assembly on December 4, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin identified NTI as one of the main priorities of state policy: «Based on long-term forecasts it is necessary to understand what challenges Russia will face in 10-15 years, what advanced solutions will be required to guarantee national security, ensure high living standards and industrial development of the new technological order».

NTI includes a set of projects and programs aimed at active incorporating of Russia into the formation of standards for global markets of the future and making profit of them by Russian companies. The choice of technologies is made taking into account the main trends of world development, based on the priority of network technologies concentrated around the end consumer. 

BIOORGANIKA Consortium was founded in November 2017 as a partnership of the educational, scientific organizations and high-tech companies aimed to overcome several technological barriers and creating new crosscutting technologies to provide global leadership of Russian companies.

The Consortium consists of 28 leading organizations, including the largest education centers for the training of researchers. The leader of the Consortium is the largest center of physico-chemical biology and biotechnology in Russia - Shemyakin–Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IBCh RAS). It is a part of the Department of biological sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a head of the work related to the chemical study of living matter.

NTI Center was established at IBCh RAS to develop the crosscutting technologies of NTI and control properties of biological objects.

NTI Center is an organizer and exclusive representative of the latest developments in the field of biotechnology.

NTI Center

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