Top Management

  • Isaev Alexander
    Isaev Alexander
    Director of NTI Center
    Ph.D. in technology
  • Belogurov Alexey
    Belogurov Alexey
    Deputy Sci-Director of NTI Center
    PhD in chemistry, Associate Professor of Faculty of Fundamental Medicine in Moscow State University
  • Ovchinnikova Tatyana
    Ovchinnikova Tatyana
    Deputy Sci-Director on Education
    PhD in chemistry, Laureate of the Russian Government prize in the field of education, Head of training Department, Professor in Moscow State University
  • Myagkih Igor
    Myagkih Igor
    Deputy Director for Commercial Activity
    Ph.D. in Chemistry
  • Mesheryakov Fedor
    Mesheryakov Fedor
    Deputy Director on Pre-Clinical Trials
  • Volodin Igor
    Volodin Igor
    Deputy Director of Finance
  • Kligis Olga
    Kligis Olga
    Deputy Director of Accountant
  • Visokov Sergey
    Visokov Sergey
    Deputy Director of Procurement
  • Chaban Julia
    Chaban Julia
    Deputy Director of licensing
    Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Master's degree in legal sciences, Patent Attorneys of Russian Federation, Eurasian Patent Attorney
  • Scherbakova Ekaterina
    Scherbakova Ekaterina
    Marketing Manager
  • Izopaitis Natalia
    Izopaitis Natalia
    Deputy PR Director of NTI Center
  • Beshia Olga
    Beshia Olga
    Intra-corporate Communications BIOORGANIKA Consortium Manager
  • Muzyka Inessa
    Muzyka Inessa
    Project Manager